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SelfIP Systems, Inc. is a privately held corporation based in California. The company provides professional IT related support services for Home/Small Business and looks at solving challenging system problems, Our focus is to provide excellent customer service. Our Expertise is in:

Computer System recovery :  We have the key to restore computers with corrupt OS without reinstallation
                              a. Admin Password recovery(Windows, Linux)
b. Recovering lost data from Hard Drive Etc.
*FREE* Anti-Virus and Office Installation :  We offer installation of free Anti virus and Free MS Office compatible software
                              a. Stop paying Mega Bucks buying MS Office(Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
b. Stop buying Anti Virus and spyware software.

Backup Solution for your Data :  We offer advanced Enterprise class backup solutions for Home/Small Business

Website Design and Hosting :  We offer professional website design and hosting solutions for Home/Small Business.

Installation of home Wireless networks or Small Business Networks
We offer cost efficient networking solutions for Home/Small Business.

Troubleshooting home or Small Business Servers
We have proprietary remote assistance software that allows us to solve problems on Windows/Linux servers and configure them to support Home/Small Business more efficiently.

IP Telephony, VOIP
We can provide solutions, setup and provide maintenance for IP telephony, asterisk, Cisco/Linksys/Avaya voip IP phones and help with setting up voip call bridges for you to make free calls between US/UK/India.

Software Development
Linux Java, C++, systems coding

Proudly serving the entire US.
Physical presence in California Bay Area and Petaluma



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